Development of the Holle logo

Development of the Holle logo


The logo of Holle baby food GmbH has a long history.


From 1933 - Holle Food AG



A typical logotype from the beginning of Holle Food AG from Arlsheim.




The Holle Food AG logo shows the "Holle Oefeli", a local word for little baking oven. Originally Holle AG baked organic bread and sold baking products, flakes and grains.


From 1999 - Holle baby food GmbH




In 1999 the current managing directors founded Holle baby food GmbH and with it the worldwide marketing rights. The focus on baby food is now firmly embedded within the company logo.


From 2009 - Holle baby food GmbH receives a new design




In 2009 the Holle baby food GmbH logo underwent a redesign. To reflect the company's  move away from traditional baking, the modern logo design removed the baker's peel - the shovel-like tool used to slide loaves in and out of the oven.


Current logo of Holle baby food AG