Our History

Our History


Since the 1930s

Holle’s Story

In 1933 Holle was founded in Arlsheim as Holle Food AG. Soon afterwards, the first Holle wholemeal bread and the first Holle organic baby food were produced - which makes Holle one of the first organic baby food manufacturer in Europe.

Until about 1960 Holle baby food was available in Switzerland exclusively. The original baby food range included several cereal based foods for bottle feeds as well as porridges to be used in combination with either fresh milk or with fruit.

Holle Becomes the First Demeter Company

Founded as a pioneer of biodynamic food (bread, flakes, grains and baby porridges) Holle was one the first certified Demeter companies. Nowadays, Holle is one of the leading Demeter certified baby food manufacturers.

The 1960s

In the sixties Holle expanded its reach in the German market through the Reformhaus specialist retailer chain.

The 1980s

New markets in Europe opened up. With the beginning of the wholefood movement Holle products were increasingly available in the wholefood and organic market  sectors.

The 1990s

Expanding the Product Range

Expanding the Holle range through introducing the Holle jar range. The introduction of the first organic baby milk and infant formulas with 99% organic raw materials started in the middle of the 1990s. This positioned Holle as one of the first suppliers in Europe to offer a complete range of baby foods in certified organic quality. From nuring tea and baby’s first bottle through to porridges, jars, baby rusks and biscuits, fruit bars and baby tea.


Outsourcing Production to Germany and European Union

Until 1995, production took place in Switzerland. Due to an increasing international demand it became necessary to provide better access to the EU market. For this reason production of Holle porridges was transfered from Switzerland to Germany. There are now production lines in Germany and within the EU.


The Beginning of Holle baby food GmbH

Both current managing directors Peter Kropf and Udo Fischer joined the company at a time when economic conditions were extremely difficult. However, they were convinced that biodynamic baby food had a bright future and would play an important role in providing our children with healthy food. This faith was the reason why together they bought the global marketing rights to Holle baby food and founded Holle baby food GmbH in 1999.


Peter Kropf and Udo Fischer
(Managing directors of Holle baby food GmbH)


From 2000

Holle Expands Worldwide

From year 2000 onwards the market gradually grew  within Europe. Starting in Spain, Portugal and Greece expansion quickly followed in England, Ireland and Iceland. Later Holle expanded globally and is now available in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Baby Milk Available in Demeter Quality

Since 2009 all Holle baby milks and infant formulas have been produced in Demeter quality. This was also the year that the “Lebenswert bio” brand was introduced. Holle is still the only manufacturer in Europe with a comprehensive baby food range in Demeter quality.

Holle Takes Part in ‘Walk Against GM’ March

The second march for a world free of GM technology from Berlin to Brussels saw the Holle team walking alongside thousands of supporters.


First CO2 Audit

Holle underwent a comprehensive CO2 audit to measure the company’s carbon footprint, with particular emphasis on the complete baby milk production process - from cow in the field through to wholesaler.

Launching “Holle bio Service GmbH, Grünsfeld”

In 2012 Holle launched the German branch “Holle bio Service GmbH, Grünsfeld”. Since then, Holle has had its own warehouse with space for 4000 Euro pallets.

Expanding to the Chinese Market

In 2012 Holle started opening up the market in China with its organic baby milks and infant formulas. Since then the demand has been so high that Holle is very well represented in the market and in 2013 founded the sister company “Holle baby food China, Peking”.


First CO2 Neutral Demeter Baby Milk

In its eightieth year the organic pioneer went a step further and introduced the first CO2 neutral Demeter baby milk and infant formula to the market.

Holle today

Today Holle is the only manufacturer in Europe with an almost comprehensive baby food range in Demeter quality. The company has sites in Riehen in Switzerland and in Grünsfeld  in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany. The product range includes baby milks and infant formula, baby porridges as well as jars. Baby weaning oil, teas and a snack range round off the offering.