Weaning by stage

From 4 months*: First Weaning Meal: vegetable meal at lunchtime

The first non-milk meal should be a vegetable purée. It is easier to start with carrot purée because it is mild, easily digested and slightly sweet in taste (alternatively use parsnip or pumpkin). Start with a few teaspoons of purée and slowly increase the amount. If your baby is happy with just one ingredient for a week or two you can add potato purée. Afterwards, you can add to the vegetable/potato purée some puréed meat two to three times a week.

From 4 – 5 months*: Second Weaning meal: First solid evening meal

The next step is to replace the afternoon/evening milk feed with a milk cereal porridge. You can prepare the purée by using Holle Organic Baby Porridges with fresh full fat milk and vitamin C rich fruit juice. If you don't want to use fresh milk you can prepare the milk porridge with either Holle Organic Baby Formula or breast milk.

From 5 – 6 Months*: Third Weaning meal: Afternoon Fruit Porridge

Next, you introduce a milk free fruit porridge which substitutes the afternoon milk feed and pushes the milk porridge meal towards evening. At first you start with very mild fruit, e.g. apples, pears, bananas. To prepare the porridge just mix a Holle Organic Baby Porridge with freshly puréed fruit (or a Holle organic fruit jar).

From 8 months*: Junior Meals

From about 8 months onwards your baby will be able to cope with slightly coarser food. Your baby's food doesn't need to be puréed quite so much and can contain small, but soft vegetable or fruit pieces. This change encourages your baby to chew.

From 12 months*: Family meals

From 12 months of age your baby will increasingly join in with your family meals (be careful when seasoning and sweetening).

* Every weaning meal replaces one milk feed (breast feed or bottle feed). If you have, as suggested, breastfed your baby fully for six months then the ages shown in the diagram will move forwards accordingly. The age in months shown is the earliest possible time to introduce solid foods. According to your baby's development suggested ages may vary by 1-2 months. Variations from this table are entirely natural.