Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2

Important note

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide infants with the nutrients they need for their healthy growth and development. It also plays an integral role in forming the deep attachment between mother and baby. A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding will benefit your milk production, as well as nursing your baby from the start and at regular intervals.

If you need to supplement your baby’s breast milk diet, please consult a healthcare professional (e.g. paediatrician, midwife, parents’ counsellor, nutrition consultant). Using infant formula may have adverse effects on your milk production and on the breastfeeding process itself. If you decide not to breastfeed your baby at all, you might not be able to reverse this decision later.

Please always follow the preparation instructions on the package, as improper use and storage can lead to health problems.
Various organisations such as Stillförderung Schweiz (Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland) provide more information about breastfeeding.

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