Demeter fruit and vegetables

Quality through variety and freshness

Fruit and vegetables are our main source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. What's more, Demeter certified fruit and vegetables taste just like they ought to - full of traditional flavours.

Gentle processing

This comes from making sure we use the right varieties for particular growing conditions. We also use traditional methods of cultivation and care, and then we harvest at exactly the right time. Only in this way can our fruit and vegetables have the opportunity to develop their highest nutrient profile. Traditional farming, working in harmony with the environment, really does offer us the best of nature's bounty.

Soil Fertility

Typically, biodynamic agriculture uses special preparations made from herbs, minerals and manure. Each farmer prepares his own mixes from the produce from his land and applies them in regular doses to increase the fertility of the soil. Biodynamic meadows and farmland and the plants growing on them are particularly rich in nutrients. This way we give your baby healthy and natural tasting food.

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